Site Analysis

The proposed site is located at the very eastern edge of Dorchester County, where the Nanticoke River divides Dorchester from Wicomico County (fig. 40). Route 50, “Ocean Gateway Highway,” forms the southern boundary of the site. As 50 serves as one of the main arterial roads leading to and from the Maryland/Delaware resort beaches, it is believed that a strong street presence would generate a singnificant number of drive-by visits. This site was particularly selected based upon the fact that most of southern Dorchester County is marshland, and there is a limit to how far south/southeast in the county a crab farm operation of this type could effectively work. Directly east of the site is the Vienna Electric Power Station and cooling water reservoir, which provides power to much of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. The site is almost immediately adjacent to the Nanticoke River, a low-lying and mostly tidal river, but the facility does not take water in from the river, nor does it sluice water back. This eliminates the need for expensive water rights permitting. According to the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, the river is one of the healthiest on the Easter Shore and its 370-000-acre watershed is host to a wide range of animal and plant life, including the greatest concentration of Bald Eagles in the northeast. The historic town of Vienna, Maryland lies directly southwest of the proposed site, and would hopefully house a great number of the employees that work the picking facility. According to Vienna town planners, prevailing winds are from the northwest during the winters, and the southeast during the summer. This statement is verified by wind-rose information from the town of Bishop’s Head, Maryland and plays a defining role in the east west orientation of the complex.
Figure 40 - Dorchester County Partial Plan with Land Uses and Proposed Power Pathway Routes. Author illustration; base image courtesy Pepco Holdings, Inc.


Figure 41 - Proposed site showing property lines in white, 1 foot topography in light white, and the proposed MidAtlantic Power Pathway routing in red. Wind rose information is in the upper right corner. Route 50 runs east-west along the southern border of the site. Author Illustration.

[33] Information provided by The Naticoke River Alliance.
[34] Telephone interview with Mary Jane Marie of the of the Vienna Planning Department, 09.28.09